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Disappointing . The allowabke bands are of very limited use.

Good, but coul be better

There are better apps out there, but this one is good if you dont need written info about the company to make your decisions.


Terrible app. It doesnt have the intra day chart neither daily chart. For more time than this you can check any web site. It has less functions than any free app.

Brazil stocks

Only show last day graphics, dont work well with Brazil stocks and the support dont solve this issues in 2 months

Doesnt work well with Brazilian stocks

The application is extremelly limited in terms of functionality and it doesnt work well with brazilian stocks.

plain crap

i never saw a chart, but i sas many spinning wheels. Really clumsy user interface. Not worth any cent.

Usefull !

You can so the most charttechnical analytics to make some Investment decisions...

Cool cool

Is a very coolTool is super useful, the indicators are before installed they help you to trade,

Really not much functionality...

A big disappointment. Things that are seriously lacking: (1) No zoom. Trying to see things clearly requires this. (2) No freaking date range. You get one date range for analysis. (Looks like 90 days). Forget about setting 120 days, 240, 360 days, etc. You get one range to look at. (3) No way to adjust your moving averages. 200 and 50 days only. (3) No rotation function. (Look at Bloomberg for how to use this feature effectively.) (4) No ability to setup a portfolio of stocks to analyze. Instead you have to enter the ticker each time you want to view a stock. (5) It would be nice to pull the company name down when you enter a ticker to ensure you get the right company. (6) Canadian exchange? Europe? Asia. American exchange only right now by the looks of it. Overall, I am extremely disappointed... the usefulness of this program is very limited. For the price I expected a lot more.

Needs a big update

The previous review echoes my feeling as well. A great idea, poorly executed on its current version...

Getting better

Development continue. Lets give a chance. Some good ideas already. App is stable. And we really need a technical analysis app. So, lets help to developp by giving good ideas and support instead of killing the app !

Great App!

This is a really great app. Really adds to the value of iphone and bloomberg app. Would be nice to have the companies names at the top and have Canadian support. Symbol look up would also be nice.

Buy This App

This is a great app if you are in to the market. Keep bringing updates.

Great software

Very useful! Heres my wishlist for future improvements (mainly aesthetics): 1) Black background option or make greens darker on the watch list, 2) Show % price change on the watch list, 3) Have option to make the Watch List the default screen when starting app, and 4) intraday charting if feasible. Thanks!

Great application

This is almost perfect application as you can actually rely on it! Just one suggestion, please try to add at least 2 years supporting graph in future.. Also a news function will be great, too!!

Great app

This app is a great time saver. I check these numbers every morning. Now I can do it virtually anytime-anywhere. Ive noticed that most, if not all, the suggested upgrades have been implemented, thats a sign that this app will only get better. Keep up the great work

TSE delay only recommended update

I would give this 4* if TSE listed stocks were live. Please update!!

Has both speedy Canadian & Usa quotes

I use this app a lot, so its been worth it. I havent noticed any delay. Its helped free me from my desktop. Noticed it only tracking 10 stocks real time, would like to add more with also an alarm when target reached.

Just deleted

I couldnt stand the constant crashes right after starting the program I couldnt even use it

Dont loose your time with this one

First time it lost all my tickers. Now its showing letters and symbols instead of numbers.

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